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Welcome to the Mac Mag online!

The Macmillan Magazine online is a free-subscription publication produced each term by the Teacher Training Department of Macmillan ELT, Spain. It aims to provide teachers with a place to share ideas and experiences. Teachers from all sectors are invited to submit articles or tips on any area related to teaching.

Articles are categorized according to level (Infant, Primary, Secondary and General) and there are also specialized sections such as the CLIL Corner and Tips and teacher's tales. Click on Links and downloads to access some great photocopiable material.

The launch of the Macmillan Magazine online coincides with the 20th anniversary of the print magazine. Click here to read the opinions of our featured authors, editors and teachers as to how teaching has changed in Spain over the last 20 years.

This Issue...

PRIMARY: Using crafts to teach science through English

Arts, crafts, science and English... all in one class! Marcelino Palacios and Paco Santos Juanes demonstrate how it can be done. Click here for downloadable worksheets!

SECONDARY: Taming the IT beast!

With and without the Web, there's a lot we can do in the computer class. Visi Alaminos shows us where to look.


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