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Welcome to the Mac Mag online!

The Macmillan Magazine online is a free-subscription publication produced each term by the Teacher Training Department of Macmillan ELT, Spain. It aims to provide teachers with a place to share ideas and experiences. Teachers from all sectors are invited to submit articles or tips on any area related to teaching.

Articles are categorized according to level (Infants, Primary, Secondary and General) and there are also specialized sections such as the CLIL Corner and Tips & Tales. Don't miss our extensive selection of website tips for this term, or our autumn competition!

Have a good term!

This Issue...

PRIMARY: Learning to listen and notice

This term we've dedicated our Infant and Primary sections to the very topical theme of phonics. In Learning to listen and notice Roisin O'Farrell suggests ways to help our Infant and first cycle Primary learners notice sounds while Tracey Chapelton has some great ideas for 2nd and 3rd cycle in Having fun with tricky words.

GENERAL: The Digital Revolution: 'Hey! You! Get off my cloud!'

Cloud computing is revolutionising the digital world, but can it really make a difference to language learning? James Dunne heralds the arrival of the digibook and examines its pedagogical value at both Primary and Secondary levels.



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