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Here's this term's selection of days to celebrate, and websites where you can do so. There's something for everyone...


Days to celebrate:


October 16th - World Food Day

Why not follow in the footsteps of CP Pla de Barraques school in El Campello (see the Tips and Tales section of this issue) or CEIP Micaela Sanz Verde in Archena (see Project Page in Issue 17) and get your pupils learning English through cooking? Here are two great sites with recipes from around the world...

...and for older teens, here's a 'World Feast' lesson plan from the California School Garden Network:  


November 30th - St Andrew’s Day

Some easy-to-read facts about Scotland's patron saint in the excellent Woodlands Junior site for upper Primary pupils and lower Secondary students.

Why not use Saint Andrew's Day to find out about one of Scotland's most mysterious but best-loved figures - Nessie, the Loch Ness monster! Lots of craft activities for younger learners.

A short interactive quiz for Secondary students.

Another quiz for Secondary ages.


December 10th - Human Rights Day

A lesson plan on 'Respect and Human Rights' for older teens.

Various lessons for teens on the subject of 'respect'.


December 11th – International Mountain Day

A directory of links to lesson plans and worksheets related to mountains, volcanoes and various geographical landforms

More reader-friendly information from the Woodlands Junior site. 


This day in history:


35 years ago:

December 10th– Martin Luther King received the Nobel Peace Prize (1964)
Lots of printable information, worksheets, quizzes and many more materials about the great human rights campaigner from the fabulous Enchanted Learning site.


106 years ago:

December 17th– Orville and Wilbur Wright made the first successful flight (1903)
Get your Secondary pupils to try the cloze activity on the Wright Brothers.


150 years ago: 

November 24th– Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species was pubished (1859)

Another cloze activity on the life of the acclaimed naturalist.



This term's festivals:


Halloween (October 31st):

A fun song about a not-so-scary skeleton for young learners. 

Lots of Halloween printable worksheets from DLTK.

A crossword all about witches!


Bonfire Night (November 5th):

Fireworks crafts, acrostics, word searches and even recipes! 

Stacks of Bonfire Night activities for learners of all ages.

Information about the history of Guy Fawkes Night for older learners and plenty of ideas for younger pupils - including a fireworks t-shirt!



And of course... Christmas!

Take your pick from the following array of Christmas websites...




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