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Here's this term's selection of days to celebrate, and websites where you can do so. There's something for everyone...


Days to celebrate:


February 14th - Valentine’s Day
Valentine’s Day worksheets for younger learners.



February 16th - Pancake Day
Pancake Day printable puzzles for Primary levels.

Pancake Day activities: games, a quiz and lots of information about the history of Shrove Tuesday and how Pancake Day is celebrated around the world.

Test your Secondary students’ knowledge of Valentine’s Day with this online quiz!



February 21st - International Mother Tongue Day
Stacks of resources with the theme of languages around the world.



March 8th - International Women’s Day

Get your students to put themselves in the skin of a famous woman in history such as Sally Ride, Joan of Arc or Marie Antoinette and write about how they felt!



March 21st - International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination
Learn what it’s like to be a kid in different countries. Lots of dynamic activities for teens.


March 21st - World Poetry Day

Acrostic poems, Bio Poems, Diamond Poems, Cinquains… learn how to create these and many more.



This day in history:


51 years ago:

February 13th, 1959 - Barbie went on sale for the first time.
An informative site dedicated to the history of the ever-young doll who turned 50 last year. There’s even a video showing how Barbie has changed through the ages. Ideal for a reading comprehension activity for Secondary students.
16 more Barbie facts!
Activities for younger Primary pupils – give Barbie a fashion makeover...
… or try out a Barbie fashion shoot!


78 years ago:

March 30th, 1932 - Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic
Download a ready-made webquest about the ace aviator and a teacher guide to the activity.
Lesson plans for higher Secondary students for individual or group work.
Sign up to the Enchanted Learning site to download this worksheet for older Primary or younger Secondary students. However, there is a subscription fee.
Sign up for free for the InstructorWeb (the Limited Access option is sufficient). Then type Amelia Earhart into the Google ‘Search InstructorWeb’ box. A reading comprehension lesson plan with multiple choice questions is available.
Why not try a colour dictation with your young Primary pupils?


195 years ago:
March 29th, 1815 - Jane Austin completed her novel Emma
Loads of links, lesson plans, web quests and information about Jane Austin and her novels from the excellent AC Nancy-Metz school site.


This term's festivals:



Tons of activities, crafts and information from the excellent Woodlands Junior site. Even ideas for your interactive whiteboard!
The Enchanted Learning site never disappoints – loads of crafts and worksheets for Easter and spring.




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