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Have you been framed?

Welcome to the section of our site where it's the teacher's turn to win a prize! If you are the lucky teacher whose face we have framed in the photo below, please contact us and we'll send you your prize. You can click on the photo to enlarge it.




Congratulations to last terms winner: Elisa Arrieta Murillo of IES Vall d'Arús in Vallirana, Barcelona. The photograph was taken at last October's Digital Training event at the Hotel Comtes de Barcelona.


Here's a list of all our previous winners:


Issue 18 (autumn 2009):


Barcelona Teachers' Day: Mercè González Forcadell (Colegio Vidal i Barranquer, Cambrils)


Valladolid Teachers' Day:  Isabel Alonso (Colegio Discípulas de Jesús, León)


Issue 17 (summer 2009):


Sevilla Teachers' Day: Francisco Gallardo (Escuela Bilingue Paddington, Mairena del Aljarafe)


Granada Teachers' Day): Carmen Ruiz Sánchez (CEIP Profesor Tierno Galván, Granada)


Issue 16 (spring 2009):


Madrid Teachers' Day: David Bradshaw (Colegio Alameda, Madrid)





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