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Using English during the summer holiday

Mark Ormerod suggests some fun ways to keep your pupils in touch with English during those long summer holidays .  


Nonfiction writing in the Primary classroom

By the time they reach 3rd cycle age, many children are probably already communicating with their friends online. They also have a large enough language database to begin doing this in English. Donna Shaw looks at how we can structure this in the English classroom.


Planning your Primary Oposiciones syllabus

Miriam Malo offers some advice for anyone about to take the Oposiciones plunge!




New kids on the blog!

In this issue we interview Ester Boldú about everything you always wanted to know about setting up a class blog (but were afraid to ask)!


World Cup xtimeline!

Dave Holmes has an idea for how to harness all that World Cup fever while getting your students to put their ICT skills to good use.




A Global era of information

If students are to be given a meaningful context in which to produce language, they need to be able to interact critically with the texts they read, argues Lindsay Clandfield. 




Ten tips to increase production in the science class

Read Joanne Ramsden's ten-tip toolkit to maximise students' language production in the  CLIL science classroom.



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