Issue 22, Autumn 2010
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Using technology with infants

The are plenty of ways we can use technology to capture the imagination of our very young learners, as Margie Marc demonstrates.



Teaching English through stories

Patricia Sáez shares an original story plus stacks of activities to go with it. Worksheets are also included in our Downloads section.


History in bubbles

A novel idea by Lourdes Fernández for teaching real historical content at 3rd cycle level. Again, worksheets are included in our Downloads section.



Working with wikis

In this issue we interview Usoa Sol about the benefits wikis can bring to the Secondary classroom.


The world of WebQuests

They're cross-curricular, multi-level, easy to create and tap into our students' world. What could be better?  Kate Browne introduces us to the world of WebQuests.


Teaching a new subject for the first time

El inglés práctico (also known as oral optativo) is a new subject designed to improve students' speaking skills  which has recently been introduced into the bachillerato curriculum in some areas of Spain. Mª Jesús Navas recounts her experiences and  suggests a variety of ways to get your students talking. 



Getting started in the digital classroom

Have you 'gone digital' this year? The Macmillan Teacher Training team offer some practical advice on how to set up your digital classroom. 



Teaching skills, not facts

Our primary aim when teaching another subject area through English should not be to teach facts but to help pupils acquire the skills to discover the facts for themselves, argues Maria Toth.



Check out our three new sections, all jam-packed with ideas to take into the classroom:

Days and festivals to celebrate, Bizarre days and teaching tips! and This day in history.



More tips related to all things digital. Please keep sending us your ideas and sharing your experiences!

Don't forget to check out our new section: An A - Z of digital terms



Practical tips from our readers about any area of English teaching. Don't forget - all tips, tales and digitips contributors will receive a set of readers!


And finally...



Halloween is approaching, and on the subject of the supernatural, a certain film caused quite a stir this month just over 70 years ago...


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