Issue 22, Autumn 2010
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This term's Mac Mag Online is bursting with website tips for teachers of all age groups! So many, in fact, that we've decided to split them over three pages. Here's Part 1 - well-known days and festivals to celebrate and websites where you can do so:


Part 1 - Days to celebrate:


October 2nd: The International Day of Non-violence (on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi)
The International Day of Non-violence is celebrated on the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi. Check out the fantastic Enchanted Learning site for an easy-to-read biography of India's most revered leader, plus printable worksheets of the map and flag of India (including quiz). Ideal for older Primary and younger Secondary students.

November 19th sees the anniversary of the birthday another famous Gandhi (although no relation to Mahatma), Indira, who was born in 1917 and was four-time President of India. You may wish to try out these ready-made lesson plans with your older Secondary students.

A selection of workheets for Primary pupils to learn about India.


October 17th: International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

A video and downloadable lesson plans for older Secondary students.


November 17th: World Peace Day

Shortly after The International Day of Non-violence comes World Peace Day. The Nobel Peace Prize is a source of much controversy, uniting genuine peace campaigners such as Mother Teresa and Martin Luther King with warlords like Barak Obama, Shimon Peres and Henry Kissinger. Older Secondary students may be interested in learning about someone who asked to be removed from the nominee list on moral grounds. His name is Mordechai Vanunu. Here's the letter he wrote to the Nobel Peace Prize Committee.

Your students could discuss whether or not they agree with Mr Vanunu, then imagine they are on the list of nominees and write their own letter accepting or rejecting this.


Background reading for teachers about Mordechai Vanunu:


Younger Primary pupils may enjoy making a peace dove...


... while older Primary and younger Secondary students learn about a famous man of peace: Martin Luther King


December 1st: World AIDS Day

Plans for a series of 5 lessons for older Secondary students raising awareness about AIDS.




October 30th – Halloween:

Dozens of craft ideas and printable worksheets from the wonderful Enchanted Learning site for Infant and Primary pupils!

Halloween lesson plans for various age groups submitted by teachers.


November 5th - Bonfire night:

Texts and worksheets designed for working on literacy skills for native speakers, though also appropriate for Secondary students.

Get your young infant pupils to make a glitter firework poster!

Vocabulary, sentence building, dictionary skills… all kinds of activities and worksheets for older Primary and younger Secondary students.



Again, Enchanted Learning provides an enormous resource of craft ideas and printable worksheets.

Loads more worksheets and printable materials for Primary and younger Secondary students. 


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