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Historic February figures competition


March 8th is International Women’s Day and this term’s competition centres around three famous women born during the winter months. First there’s Rosa Parks, the African American who made history by refusing to give up her seat on a bus for a white man and subsequently became one of the most important ever civil rights activists. Then we travel back almost half a millennium to learn why Queen Mary I of England was so ‘Bloody’. Finally, we return to the present to find out what popular singer Rihanna has been doing lately. As usual, you have to visit our chosen websites and do the activities.


There are various ways to enter our competition:


1) Print the page, fill in the answers and fax it to us (93 209 99 49). 


2) Photocopy the page from the print magazine, fill in the answers and send it to us by fax (93 209 99 49). 


3) Send us an email with the answers (d.holmes(at)


4) Click here for our online entry form. It's very quick and easy.


Please send us your completed entries (one per class) by Friday, March 19th. The winners will receive a set of readers. Good luck!




1) Rosa Parks (born February 4th, 1913)


Go to Enchanted Learning:


First, order the lines to make a summary of the Rosa Parks story. Then complete each with one of the following words:

                                           after      because     despite     so   while


a) Many people were very angry, ___________ they boycotted buses in the city of Montgomery for more than a year.


b) ___________ they were living in Detroit, Rosa and her husband Raymond founded an organisation which helps young African-Americans and teaches them about human rights.


c) Five years ___________ she wrote her autobiography, Rosa received the Congressional Gold Medal.


d) Rosa Parks was arrested ___________ she refused to give up her seat on a bus to a white man.


e) ___________ opposition from the city of Montgomery, the US Supreme Court ruled that segregation on city buses was unconstitutional.



Correct order: 1)____  2)____  3)____  4)____  5)____


Why not try out some of the Rosa Parks activities on the Enchanted Learning site?






2) Queen Mary I (born February 18th, 1516)


Go to


a) Correct the incorrect information (in italics):


  • King Henry VIII wanted to marry Catherine of Aragon. Correct word:_____________________
  • Because of this, Mary couldn’t be a queen. Correct word:_____________________
  • Elizabeth was the mother of Anne Boleyn. Correct word:_____________________
  • Mary became known as ‘Bloody Mary’ because of her protection of Protestants. Correct word:_____________________
  • Mary was born in 1558. Correct word:_____________________



b) Complete this section of the Tudor family tree:


a)____________   b)___________  c)____________   d)____________







3) Rihanna (born February 20th, 1988)


Go to Rihanna’s official site: and click on Videos, then on the video called New Tattoo.


Listen to Rihanna and choose the correct option in each case.

1) Rihanna got her new tattoo a) last weekend / b) last week / c) last night.


2) She got it from Bang Bang - her favourite tattoo artist in a) New York / b) the USA / c) the world.


3) The tattoo is written a) upwards / b) downwards / c) backwards.


4) This is so that a) she can read it herself (in the mirror) / b) her friends can’t read it.


5) The tattoo says ‘Never a failure, always a) a triumph / b) a lesson / c) a success.


6) She says that it means that ‘It’s OK to make a) a mistake b) an excuse c) a complaint – just don’t make them twice.’






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