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New words for the term


Every week, the Macmillan dictionary team search the media to find out the newest and most interesting words being used in the English language. You can find their latest BuzzWord on the website. Each term we'll feature two new BuzzWords. The words for this term are:


ghost goal (n):

Very topical after England's early exit from this summer's World Cup! Some might say it was destiny, others atonement. Debate still rages in both England and Germany over whether Geoff Hurst's 'goal' in the 1966 final crossed the line, but Frank Lampard's long-range shot off the bar was seen to bounce back onto the underside of the crossbar from well behind the line by everyone except Uruguayan linesman Mauricio Espinosa. Another ghost goal destined only for the soccer archives.

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stress puppy (n): 

A person who seems to thrive on stress but constantly complains about it.

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